Thacher Island Photography Workshop 

Successful workshop held on June 17th.

See photos here



Sydney Wedmore, president of the Thacher Island Committee, looks out over the island from the top of the north tower.


This workshop is only open to five people so space is limited. (Space is still available) This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a hands on workshop with Professional Photojournalist and Photo Editor Kirk R. Williamson. Mr. Williamson will be teaching the skills needed to tell a compelling story through photographs. During his 30+ year career working for newspapers and magazines Mr. Williamson has developed a strong sense of what it takes to tell a story with images. His goal is to build self-confidence in the making of images that tell a compelling story of the world around us. Join him for a fun day of learning and exploring on Thacher's Island off Rockport, MA.


Volunteers will be on the island working to keep it functioning for the public to visit. Along with the people, it is nesting season for the multitude of gulls that live on the island in the summer so there are plenty of chances to photograph birds as well as people.  See some of Mr. Williamson's images here. The photographic possibilities are endless for the five to six hours you will be on the island.


Mr. Williamson will be working with students on composition, seeing the light, and photographing people who will be working on the island. This workshop will be a fun day of learning and photographing for a full day in a unique location.


The goal of Cape Ann Light Photography Workshops is to instill enthusiasm in any photographer and to raise they're skill level and self-confidence to produce more meaningful images for themselves and others.


Passengers disembark the Thacher Island launch and walk up the ramp to the islands boat house.


The day will begin very early as we will be photographing the sunrise at Thacher Island from the eastern shore of Rockport at about 6:00 AM. A quick breakfast at a local coffee shop and then it's off to the island. 


When we get out to the island we will do a walking tour to get acclimated to the new surroundings then we can split off in groups depending on how folks feel.


The boat for the island leaves the town dock at 8:45 AM and returns at 3:30 PM. Wednesday is the only day that volunteers go out to the island to work and keep the place up. Lunch is not provided and must be brought by students. After we return to Rockport we can shoot more around town or download our images for an inspiring critique session from 4-6 PM. Dinner is up for grabs but we can all go for a group dinner at one of the many locations on Cape Ann.